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Privacy Statement

Metsähallitus has updated its data protection practices on 22 May 2018.

The practices of the Metsähallitus wilderness permits services with regard to collecting, use, publication and transfer of personal data are explained in this privacy statement.


1. Register

Customer register of the Metsähallitus wilderness permits services.


2. Controller

Metsähallitus (Business ID: 0116726-7)

PO Box 94 (Ratatie 11)

FI-01301 Vantaa

tel. +358 20 69 2424



Data protection officer of Metsähallitus

Janne Kiiskinen, janne.kiiskinen(a)


Contact person in register-related matters

Jari Haarala, Information Systems Manager

Metsähallitus, Wildlife Service Finland

Veteraanikatu 5, FI-90101 Oulu

tel. +358 206 39 6239



3. Data collection

Metsähallitus may collect data on its users that is needed for the purposes specified in this privacy statement. The type of data collected on the users is determined by the purposes for which it is used.

Metsähallitus may collect personal data on you when you register as a user of the wilderness permits web store, when using wilderness permits services, in connection with competitions, campaign and surveys, or when contacting us on other matters. Below are some of the categories of personal data collected by Metsähallitus.

The data that you have disclosed to Metsähallitus wilderness permits services:

  1. * First name and last name
  2. * Email address
  3. * Language
  4. * Postal address
  5. * Postal code and address location
  6. * Telephone number
  7. * Date of birth
  8. Hunter number
  9. * Password or other unique identifier
  10. * Marketing authorisation
  11. Research and survey data
  12. Customer feedback
  13. Other data that you have agreed to provide or disclose, such as data collected from external sources

* mandatory data

When calling us to obtain mobile permits, the following data on you is saved:

  1. Your telephone number
  2. ** Location number
  3. ** First and last name of the permit holder
  4. ** Code of the area-specific elk hunting permit decision
  5. ** Hunter number

** data specific to permit category


Data derived from the use of the services

Metsähallitus may collect the following data on you and the use of the Wilderness Service Finland:

  • Data collected by web analytics systems (cookies)
  • Customer communications data (such as data on clicks)
  • The website used to connect to the pages of Wilderness Service Finland
  • Device identifiers, such as the terminal device type and unique device and/or cookie identifier
  • Data collection channel: web browser, mobile browser, application and browser version
  • IP address
  • Operating system of the terminal device
  • Session identifier, time and length of the session
  • Location data (if you have given you explicit consent to collecting this data)
  • Other data collected with your consent


4. Use and disclosure of personal data

Public access to or confidentiality of the registered data

Personal and other data is only processed and disclosed for lawful purposes and detailed provisions on these purposes are contained in the following acts:

  1. Data Protection Act (1050/2018)
  2. Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999)
  3. Hunting Act (615/1993)
  4. Fishing Act (379/2015)

We use the data

  1. in the provision or wilderness permits services and management of customer relationships
    Metsähallitus can use personal data for creating user accounts, for user identification, to ensure proper functioning of the wilderness permits services or when you order or purchase wilderness permits services. We can also use your personal data when answering to your feedback or your questions.
  2. To develop our services
    Metsähallitus can use your personal data to maintain and develop wilderness permits services and to enhance user experiences.
  3. For customer communications and marketing
    With your consent, Metsähallitus can use your personal data for customer communications with the wilderness permits newsletters or to market other services provided by Metsähallitus.
  4. For research
    Metsähallitus can use your personal data for research purposes.

Data disclosure

As a rule, Metsähallitus does not disclose wilderness permits services customer data to third parties for marketing purposes.

In specific cases, we may disclose wilderness permits services customer data for scientific or other research provided that Metsähallitus has received a written data disclosure application stating at least the following: the research plan, arrangements for processing and storing the data and the legal basis for the disclosure. 

With your consent, Metsähallitus can use your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. For sending wilderness permits newsletters (hunting, fishing and off-road traffic)
  2. For marketing services offered by Metsähallitus
  3. In opinion and market surveys conducted by Metsähallitus

 You can send a notification prohibiting the use of your data for addressed direct marketing in the wilderness permits web store when purchasing a permit or any time as a registered customer through your customer account.

You can also notify us of the prohibition by phone (+358 20 69 2424) when purchasing a permit, by email ( or by contacting the controller in writing.

Other data disclosures 

Metsähallitus transfers the order and customer data of the wilderness permits web store to its own sales and financial systems for invoicing and financial monitoring. We also transfer data on customers that have granted Metsähallitus marketing authorisation to our automated marketing systems, as necessary.

 Metsähallitus regularly discloses to the Finnish Wildlife Agency order data on permit customers registered in the agency’s Oma Riista service.

Your personal data may also be disclosed when required under law and when requested by competent authorities.


5. Transfer of data to parties outside the EU or the EEA

No data is transferred to parties outside the EU or the EEA.


6. Protection of the register

The register is protected by means of access rights. This means that the customer register of the Metsähallitus wilderness permits services may only be used by the employees who need the register in their work tasks.

The processor responsible for the maintenance and functioning of the software collecting data for the register is provided with access to the customer register for maintenance purposes, as necessary. Metsähallitus has concluded agreements with its outsourcing partners ensuring that they observe confidentiality in all matters concerning Metsähallitus customer data and that they process personal data as required under the law.


7. Data storage

Metsähallitus will store your personal data saved in the wilderness permits services as required under the law and only as long as required for the purposes specified in this privacy statement.

Metsähallitus will delete your personal data when there are no longer any grounds for processing the data.


8. Your rights and your personal data

By law, you have the right to access the personal data on you that Metsähallitus has collected. You also have the right to request that inaccurate, unnecessary or outdated personal data kept in the Metsähallitus registers should be updated or deleted.

  1. If you have registered as a wilderness permits web store customer, the easiest way to access your personal data is to log in to your customer account at
  2. You can submit a request to Metsähallitus to access your personal data using the form available at 


9. Cookies

The wilderness permits web service uses cookies and other technologies that are connected with the functioning of the web service and with producing statistics and surveys on the usage of the service.

You can change the browser settings to prevent the creation of cookies or to delete the cookies saved in the browser. This may, however, interfere with the functioning of the website.

Metsähallitus uses cookies and other technologies to analyse its services and to make them more customer-friendly. Metsähallitus collects general statistical data on the usage of the wilderness permits web service to develop the service. The following statistical data is collected about the use of the service: total number of visitors and page views, number of sessions and average length of sessions, repeat visitors and first-time visitors, web address used to connect to the website, most used search words, most popular webpages, terminal devices used, browser versions and most common service providers.

No personal data is collected about users of online services which could be used to identify individual visitors.

The statistically collected data cannot be linked together.

The usage monitoring is based on Google Analytics Reporting, which uses

  1. Google Universal Analytics cookies (for more information, visit
  2. and Google Tag Manager cookies.
  3. We also use the Crazy Egg software and its cookies to monitor the usage of the wilderness permits front page (number of clicks and scrolls) (for more information, visit

The collected data cannot be linked together. The JavaScript code of Google Tag Manager is used to measure the website usage.

The online service contains the following embedded windows on third-party online services, which may install cookies onto your browser:

  1. Facebook embedded content to display Facebook pages.
    More information (
  2. YouTube embedded content to show videos.
    More information (
  3. AddThis service to share the webpage on social media.
    More information (
  4. embedded content to view map data on hiking areas.
    More information (


10. Contact us

If you have any general questions on your customer account in the wilderness permits web services or on how to ask for help from our customer service, visit our website at

If you have any questions on this privacy statement, the use of your personal data, or cookies or other similar technologies, send email to eraluvat(a)

The controller of your personal data is

Metsähallitus, Wildlife Service Finland
PO Box 94 (Ratatie 11)
FI-01301 Vantaa

Please note that we may have to check your identity before responding to your request for help.

Contact details: Wilderness permits customer service number +358 20 69 2424 (weekdays 9am - 4pm), eraluvat(a)


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