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Rental hut for 4 persons (20 m²) located about 200 meters from the shore of lake Huttujärvi in a nature reserve. There are summer trails as well as a maintained cross-country ski track (from week 8 onwards) to the hut. Route and equipment planning must be prepared for the fact that weather conditions can change quickly. Hut facilities include mattresses, duvets and pillows (bring your own sleeping pag, sheets and pillowcase with), a wood stove and fireplace, a gas stove for cooking and necessary cooking utensils (a pot, a frying pan, a coffee pot). In the yard there is a separate wood-heated sauna for the use of tenants only, and a rowing boat is available in summer. For all hikers a cooking shelter, a household water well and a dry toilet are in common use. In the large yard area, non-tenants also have the right to camp, but not in the immediate vicinity of the living room. Special: No waste management, everyone each visitor is responsible for taking their own waste from the hut. In winter, there is no winter maintenance on Huttujärventie road and no parking area is available. Pets not allowed.

Huttujärvi, Rental Hut Pyhä-Luosto National Park


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